Let’s stop Big Tobacco from addicting California kids!


Youth e-cigarette use has skyrocketed to what the Surgeon General and FDA have called “epidemic” levels. According to new data from the 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey (2019 NYTS), e-cigarette use among high school students nationwide increased to 27.5% in 2019 compared to 20.8% in 2018 and 11.7% in 2017. Altogether 5 million middle and high school students now use e-cigarettes.

The epidemic of youth e-cigarette use has been driven by the popularity of JUUL, a sleek, high-tech e-cigarette that looks like a USB flash drive – and is small and easy to hide, comes in sweet flavors that entice kids and delivers a powerful nicotine hit. The time is now to end the youth e-cigarette epidemic by prohibiting the sale of all flavored tobacco products.

While the rates of youth e-cigarette use have been alarming, e-cigarettes are not the only flavored products being used by California youth. The time is now to end the youth e-cigarette epidemic by prohibiting the sale of flavored e-cigarettes. We call upon the California legislature to also address the long-standing public health crisis caused by menthol cigarettes and other flavored products such as cigarillos by prohibiting the sale of those products as well. This will disproportionately benefit California’s African American communities by reducing smoking and saving lives. We urge you to make sure no communities are left behind.

All of these flavored products are undermining the nation’s overall efforts to reduce youth tobacco use and putting a new generation of kids at risk of nicotine addiction and the serious health harms that result from tobacco use.

California has always been regarded as a national leader in passing and implementing impactful, effective policies that are proven to prevent and reduce tobacco use. We urge the legislature to continue that leadership by passing SB 793 and ending the sale of all flavored tobacco products at all retailers without exceptions.


1 in 4 high school students in the United States use e-cigarettes.

4 out of 5 kids who have used tobacco started with a flavored product.


Of youth smokers age 12-17 use menthol cigarettes.


Of youth e-cigarette users report using a flavored product in the past month.

1 Juul pod delivers the same amount of nicotine as a full pack of 20 cigarettes.


Joint Authors:

Senator Jerry Hill
Senator Steve Glazer
Senator Mike McGuire
Senator Richard Pan, MD
Senator Scott Wiener

Principal Co-Authors:

Senator Maria Elena Durazo
Assembly Member Rebecca Bauer-Kahan
Assembly Member Marc Berman
Assembly Member Richard Bloom
Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez
Assembly Member Kevin McCarty
Assembly Member Al Muratsuchi
Assembly Member Robert Rivas
Assembly Member Jim Wood


Senator Bob Archuleta
Senator Jim Beall
Senator Lena Gonzalez
Senator Connie Leyva
Senator Jim Nielsen
Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath
Assembly Member Rob Bonta
Assembly Member David Chiu
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Assembly Member Patrick O’Donnell
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Assembly Member Luz Rivas
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